General Information

Perth Airport

Perth Airport is a modern facility approximately half an hour away from the centre of Perth. The international and domestic terminals are easily accessible by car, taxi and bus.  Further information regarding both international and domestic airlines that fly into Perth can be found here.



Taxis are available from both the domestic and international terminals. A taxi trip from the airport terminals to Perth city centre will take 20 to 30 minutes. The journey will cost approximately AUD$25.00 – AUD$30.00.

All taxis are meter operated by time and distance, and operate twenty four hours a day. Taxis indicate they are vacant by illuminating their sign on the roof. At both airport terminals available taxis will wait at the taxi rank.


An airport shuttle operates to and from domestic and international airports with convenient pick up points located near accommodation throughout Perth.  Further details can be found here.

Fremantle Airport Shuttle also picks up at the domestic and international airports dropping off customers from Cottesloe to Cockburn.

Public Transport in Perth

The Perth Central Area Transit (CAT) operate in the Perth CBD and are a good way to see the city. CAT services are free and operate frequently - The Perth Central Area Transit (CAT)

The Red CAT operates from Queens Gardens, East Perth to Outram Street, West Perth.

The Yellow CAT operates from East Perth to West Perth in a loop.

The Blue CAT operates from North to South from Barrack Street Jetty to Northbridge.


Spring (Sep-Nov): 10-25 ºC (50-77 ºF)

Summer (Dec-Feb): 17-31 ºC (63-87 ºF)

Autumn (Mar-May): 12-29 ºC (55-84 ºF)

Winter (Jun-Aug): 9-19 ºC (48-66 ºF)

For more information on average temperatures, rainfall and lots of other great information about West Australian destinations, visit

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